Peanut Butter Fruits Wall Art Canvas Square Print


A stunning green and red realisation of the plant that tastes and smells like peanut butter. This acrylic painting is printed and stretched on to a square shaped canvas.

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          Artist Anna Westwood has captured and perfectly described the smooth texture of Bunchosia Argentea in this acrylic painting available as a square canvas print. Otherwise known as Peanut butter fruit because it tastes and smells similar to peanut butter, it also has a smooth sticky texture, something like a fig. The warm colours of the ripe fruit are a striking contrast to the dark seeds that glow against the cool, green background. This abstract canvas print will make a stunning addition to your interior design and a fabulous gift idea for those who appreciate a different take on the exotic, botanical print.

          Flatter your walls with these beautiful canvas prints, featuring our unusual designs for a home as unique as you are. We take pride in our handmade canvas prints, manufactured right here in the UK. We are never prepared to compromise on print quality, using professional grade artist's canvas and high quality fade resistant inks to ensure your new wall art will be a piece for life. They are delivered to you ready to hang.

          Each canvas is either stretched around or mirrored around a 18mm or 38mm timber frame.

          When choosing your options the bars are the size of the frame that the canvas print is stretched around. The smaller bars will create a less bulky overall effect, with the print sitting flatter to the wall. The larger bars will produce a more substantial, deeper frame and will stand out from the wall further. As a guide order the larger bars for the larger canvas sizes. It is down to personal choice but you should consider where the print will hang and any other works of art that will be displayed along with your canvas.

          Wrap Style
          A gallery wrap is when the image is wrapped around the edge of the canvas frame.
          A mirror wrap would be the preferred option if there is an important element of the painting near the edge of the image and it needs to be visible on the front rather than being lost around the side of the frame.
          If you are in any doubt what to order please choose any as your option and leave it to our expert printers to decide.

          Size range:

          • from​ ​​​​​​8"x8" up to 16"x16".

          Colour information:
          Colours are red on a green background with black seed accents.

          • Colour representation is only as accurate as the web design process allows.

          I was inspired to create an exotic plant painting and was struck by this unusual plant found in South America. I love the unique shapes and colours of the the flowering plant, also known as Malpighiaceae. The fruit is red or orange in colour and about the size and shape of an olive.
          Artist Anna Westwood

          Our products are created individually for you and as such take time. We aim to ship your order within 3-5 working days. For more information please visit our Shipping and Returns information.

          Size: 16" X 16"
          Type: 38mm bars
          Brand: I Am Not A Brand
          Product Code: 23911

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